Pearce Flannery

(28 Aug 2008)


2 1 Pearce Flannery.JPG Thumbnail1.jpgEntrepreneur, businessman, author, philanthropist and socio-economic commentator; Pearce Flannery is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pragmatica, acclaimed management, marketing and human resource consultancy group. His training, development, commercial and motivational programmes are recognised as being amongst the most dynamic and innovative in industry today. He is also a member of the board of the Autopolis Group, widely regarded as the worlds leading automotive consulting organisation, with offices spanning the globe.

A former winner of the Marketing Institute of Irelands ‘Marketing Person of the Year’ in 2005, he is also winner of the JCI-Ireland ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ 2006. He was conferred with the prestigious accolade of ‘Fellow of the IMI’ (UK, 2007). He holds a Degree in Economics and Political Science (NUIG), Diplomas in both Financial Accounting and in International Marketing (GMIT). He also holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration (UL).

He enjoys a high profile on economic and commercial issues and has a reputation for calling things as he sees them without fear or favour, irrespective of whose sensibilities are involved. Once famously referred to as the ‘Ghost-buster of the Automotive World’ he is universally regarded as the premier independent authority on matters automotive. He is internationally renowned for his lucid and insightful critique and recommendations for the development of the green agenda. His controversial comment and analysis on programmes such as The Last Word on Today FM, RTE Primetime, the Business Programme and The Right Hook on Newstalk FM have become the stuff of legend. His contribution to the national print media has received much acclaim especially for his dogged pursuit of forthright comment from those with what he terms ‘a bogus personal agenda’.

A raconteur of some renown he is the author of the much heralded book ‘Just Feckin Do It’ which investigates and analyses the successful attributes of some of Ireland's leading business icons. For launch in October 2008, all proceeds are to be donated to Childline. Given his reputation for straight talking, it promises to be an intriguing read.

He lives in Galway with his wife and family and insists that Galway can win the All Ireland finals in both Football and Hurling. According to his colleagues he also believes that Connacht will eventually win the Heineken Cup, Ireland will win the World Cup, that golf will eventually become easier and that public figures will always tell the truth. He continues to dream!

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