Pat Falvey

(18 Jun 2008)
World- renowned adventurer, explorer, author, photographer and film producer.

Pat has successfully led 62 high adventure expeditions worldwide and is the only person to have completed The Seven Summits challenge twice (to climb the highest peak on each of the Seven Continents) including Mt. Everest from both its traditional routes on the North and South sides. His expeditions have led him to the highest, coldest and most remote regions on our planet.

Pat led the first Irish unsupported traverse of the Greenland ice cap in August 2007 and took observations of the changes taking place due to climate change. He is recognised as one of the most experienced expedition leaders in the world today.


As well as leading expeditions, his interest in what it is that has challenged man since the evolution of our species has taken him to research and adventure with over 40 different tribes of people throughout the world.


The Beyond Endurance Expedition, completed in January 2008, in the Antarctic has gained worldwide attention and is set to be one of the most spectacular expeditions that has ever left Ireland. Pat will be documenting the adventure in film, lecture and book form.
Most recent book launch: A Journey to Adventure, “Stories I never thought I’d tell” 27th October 2007.


TV Series: A four part documentary on Ordinary people achieving what many was said to be impossible. Featured on 23rd October 2007 RTE 1 19:00


New book and DVD: The Irish Polar expedition’s of 2006-2008 to Norway, Greenland, Antarctic and Artic, which will be featured in a new book and documentary of their travels and the effects of climate change on the world today. To be completed for publication in 2008.


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