Pat Falvey

(12 Jun 2008)

1 pat falvey.jpg Thumbnail1.jpgPat Falvey is Ireland’s best-known mountaineer-cum-adventurer. After life’s ups and downs he discovered the mountains at 29, a turning point. He has since made many high-altitude ascents around the world, and is the only Irish person to complete the Seven Summits, not once but twice, and climb Everest from both north and south.

Pat has just made history by leading a four-strong team of explorers to the South Pole, the first Irish expedition to do so. The team were hailed by President Mary McAleese and Prime Minister Bertie Ahern for their achievement. Speaking from the Pole after their historic achievement, Falvey said it felt "incredible".

"Fifty-eight days of sheer effort, of pushing ourselves to the limit and here we are on one of the most amazing places on this planet, the South Pole. It has been really, really hard; really, really tough," he told RTE.

Motivational Lectures/seminars

• Operation Everest

• Mind Climb

• Reach for the Sky

• Psychology of success

• Beyond Endurance

Pat and his team have devised 1 day, half day and also segment sessions for conferences that can be customised to your needs.

He also offers training courses for companies and teams either in house or in the environs of the great outdoors as well as our motivational lectures and team building programs.

Public, travel and general interest talks and lectures

Pat's travels have taken him on expeditions to the highest, coldest, hottest, and most remote terrain on our planet . He has completed over 58 interesting expeditions worldwide having to cross-deserts, jungles, glaciers and mountains to achieve his objectives.

Pat has lived with 20 different tribes of people around the world and has learnt about their traditions, cultures and the traits that has driven man since the evolution of mankind.

His interest in anthropology has taken him to the most unusual places of the world in his quest for knowledge of man.

He has searched for the Audson woman warrior tribe in the jungles of Irian Jaya, the only matriarch tribe still in existence, lived with stone age men in the jungle, travelled in war torn regions around the world, all to enhance his need to find out what it is that drives man to explore, conquer, and achieve.

Pat has become one of only 4 people in the world to have completed the Seven summits twice and the only person to have done so if you consider he has climbed Mt Everest from the historical routes of North and South side- once from the historical route that Mallory and Irvine pioneered in 1924 from Tibet on the 27th May 1995 and also from the original route from Nepal that Hillary and Tenzing did in 1953 on the 18th May 2004 to join only a few people that have done so. He has made the first Irish ascent onto an 8000 metre mountain without supplementary oxygen as well as many other achievements to his credit. These are but a few of Pat's achievements.

His talks, lectures and seminars of his world travel are interesting, stimulating, and informative and ideal material for after dinner presentation, general and corporate lectures that require something different.

Pat has been to the most amazing places on earth. Let his stories and pictures grip your imagination and become an armchair adventurer. Experience the trials tribulations of what its like to be a world adventurer, explorer and team leader.

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