Mark Pollock

(12 Jun 2008)

Mark's story of rebuilding his life after unexpectedly losing his sight continues to inspire people all over the world.

“The shock of going blind was almost unbearable. One moment I was on the crest of a wave with everything going my way, the next I went blind and my life changed forever. I thought my life was over.”

On 10th April 2004, six years to the day that Mark went blind, he completed the world's most extreme marathon at the North Pole. In recent years he has been in the heat of the Gobi Desert, the cold of the North Pole, combined the lowest and highest marathons in the world and raced in multi-sport events, Ironman triathlons and long-distance kayaking. Mark raced competitively for his country, for hisclubs and for himself and every experience has had its own highs and lows. However there is a common thread that runs throughout all of the events and experiences that he has had so far. That common strand that links everything has been the people that have helped him to make it happen…particularly the great support from his training and racing team-mates, fellow competitors, sponsors and race directors. Mark has just completed the lowest marathon on earth and the highest. That was the challenge set by blind adventure athlete Mark Pollock and his fellow adventurer and team-mate John O'Regan. Beginning April 13 th, 2007, the challenge took them from the Dead Sea Ultra Marathon in Jordan 400 metres below sea level, to Everest on May 29th with a starting altitude of 5,356 meters above sea level. The story is incredible and what he has learnt on the journey reminds us that there is a power that resides within us all to take control of our lives.

“It doesn't matter if I'm racing at the North Pole or in the Gobi desert, developing new opportunities in my business or even writing a book, the same principles apply.”

In his talks, Mark concentrates on what we are in a position to control: taking personal responsibility for our actions, facing facts, focusing on making it happen, making committed decisions and asking for help.
Mark continues to work with thousands of people throughout Europe, Asia and North America delivering keynote presentations and his high-performance master class.

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