Mark Pollock

(11 Jun 2008)

My goal is to help others to achieve their potential, just as I strive to achieve mine each and every day – Mark Pollock


Since losing his sight at the age of 22, Mark Pollock has had to redefine what is possible. He does so by dealing in facts, deciding to make it happen and building high-performance teams to help him do it.


His inspiring story combined with excellent communication skills make him an extraordinary presenter. His courage, tenacity and integrity have inspired audiences throughout the world. Mark uses his experience of overcoming incredible challenges to help people and businesses to redefine what's possible in uncertain times.


His seminars and workshops concentrate on: Personal responsibility Facing facts Making committed decisions Creating formal and informal teams.


Mark's story  

"I was preparing for my final exams in university and everything was going to plan. I was rowing internationally and had a job offer in the City in London lined up after graduation. In the space of two weeks everything changed… The shock of going blind was unbearable. One moment I was on the crest of a wave with everything going my way, the next I was blind. I thought my life was over, but it seems just that a different one was beginning."


Mark discovered new technology which enabled him to return to work and to complete a Masters Degree in Business Studies.  After working for two companies, he launched his current international speaking business. In 2006, his book, Making It Happen! about the personal leadership choices of inspiring people was published to great acclaim.


Mark is fascinated by the choices people make when faced with a tough decision. The specific challenge is only the backdrop. The response is the interesting bit. How do they navigate through the challenge? Is it will, is it their skill? Is it the people involved or is it the surroundings in which they operate? Decisions determine who the true leaders are, not their title. Mark's new life has redefined what is possible from a personal perspective. He studies people who tackle challenges head on:

Rule breakers

Pioneers People operating on the fringes. How do people avoid making excuses when faced with challenges and inspires his clients with how they go and make it happen.

Adventure athlete

Mark uses adventure races and expeditions as a living challenge experiment.

He has:

  • Completed six marathons in one week in China 's Gobi Desert
  • Raced in the world's coldest marathon at the North Pole
  • Competed in Ironman Switzerland
  • Kayaked non-stop across the Irish Sea
  • Raced in the Dead Sea-Everest Ultra Running Challenge
  • Competed in The South Pole Race December 2008

"Racing in deserts, mountains and polar regions provides me with a model to examine leadership action, team dynamics, resilience and change. Biting cold, searing heat, sleep deprivation, dehydration and exhaustion push even the tightest of teams to breaking point. In the extremes of sport, business and human endeavour, there is no room for fiction. It's about facts, attitude and action."


Watch videos and listen to audio on The Daily Telegraph South Pole portal featuring Mark and his team Simon O'Donnell & Inge Solheim.

Watch Mark on BBC News as he prepares for to race to the South Pole

Watch Mark on NBC Online after completing the Everest Marathon>1=10056&vid=4E8A2228-E444-4D01-98FC-4D1EEBB57AFB&playlist=VideoByUUids:uuids:82D722CE-6FE7-4B6C-88BF-4350504E36F7:sm:0&showPlaylist=true&from=06/64

Watch Mark on ITN after the Everest Marathon


Watch Mark & Nick Wolfe in the Gobi March Documentary Sting (9 mins)

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