Marc Coleman

(20 May 2010)

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Marc is an economics graduate of Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin as well as the prestigious Institute of World Economics in Kiel, Germany and holds a scholarship MBA from the Smurfit Business School.


Marc Coleman is one of Ireland's foremost economists. As well as being Economics Editor of Newstalk 106-108FM, he is Economics & Politics Columnist with Sunday Independent and Economics Lecturer on the MBA programme of Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School. A former Economics Editor of The Irish Times, he previously held positions with the European Central Bank and the Department of Finance.


He presents the radio programme with the fastest growing listenership in the country - Coleman at Large on Newstalk 106-108FM. His programme takes on the usual consensus of establishment opinions and vested interests and gives listeners top priority.

Marc is author of two bestselling books on the Irish economy. His second book, “Back from the Brink” was published in November 2009. In this confidence inspiring book, Marc outlined the international and national causes of that brought us to the brink and the radical changes needed to pull us back from it. He pulls no punches and this book is a clarion call to revive Ireland’s flagging confidence and sagging will.


A hugely successful and popular speaker, Marc is in big demand on the conference and after dinner circuit. His motivational qualities, expertise and common sense approach to business, economics and current affairs always instills confidence. Marc can assure any audience that our dreams for Ireland’s future are merely delayed, not destroyed.


The small sample of reviews provided below (a more complete set is available on request) from just a few of the many high profile he has spoken at or chaired will convince you he’s an ideal choice as speaker for your next event.



1. Keynote speaker at CEO Forum, Dublin Castle 12 November 2010, hosted by Enterprise Ireland & Deloitte


“Your presentation and delivery were excellent.  I have had a lot of clients asking for your presentation and congratulating us on a fantastic forum.”

Jackie Whelan, Enterprise Ireland


2. Chairperson of keynote debate between Peter Sutherland and Justin Lifu Lin at “The World Economy @ Founders” event for IT entrepreneurs held in Dublin on 29th October 2010


"Not everyone can grapple with the most difficult topics on the world economy, make both the chief economist of the world bank and the international chairman of Goldman Sachs feel comfortable while providing riveting content to an audience of some of the smartest entrepreneurs in the world and a range of international media - Marc Coleman can…He hit the mark on what we wanted and provided intellectually challenging and riveting discussion for what proved to be one of the most talked about sessions at our event. Mark helped make our event a success"

Daire Hickey, organizer of event.


3. Marc was also initiator of organiser of “Confidence in Media” event on 24 September 2010 which looked at the media’s coverage of Ireland’s economy at which guest speakers included Finance Minister Brian Lenihan, Denis O’Brien, Senator Feargal Quinn, NTMA chief executive John Corrigan, IBEC Director General Dannyu McCoy, The Independent’s Brendan Keenan, RTE’s David Murphy and KPMG’s Terence O’Rourke  This event was the front page lead story on the Irish Times the following day and the lead story in the business section of the Irish Independent


4. Chairperson of keynote debate between Polish EU Commissioner Janusz Lewandowski, Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek, former German EU Commissioner Guenther Verheugen at the Economic Forum of 9/10 September 2010 in Krynica Poland.


“Marc’s leadership of the panel discussion was to an excellent international standard of the kind need to steer a high powered debate on a highly sensitive involving current and former EU Commissioners, a Prime Minister and Finance Minister. His firm but fair discipline ensured order and timeliness. His humour and personal touch ensured the event was memorable and enjoyable. We will ask him back next year.”

Zygmunt Berdychowski, Chairman of the Economic Forum Programme Council

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