Kristina Grimes

(17 Jun 2008)
Kristina Grimes recently came to the public eye as runner-up in the 2007 series of “The Apprentice” on BBC1. Kristina's outstanding performance, personality, determination and business acumen made her the viewers' clear favourite to win.

Kristina grew up in Ireland, starting out in Wicklow before moving to Julianstown, Co. Meath.

At the age of 17, Kristina became pregnant. Less than 3 weeks after successfully completing her Leaving Certificate, she gave birth to her only child, her beloved son Graeme. Although this was a difficult time in Kristina's life, she was determined to prove that being a single mother would not prevent her becoming a successful business woman. At 18, Kristina moved to England where the opportunities at the time were more promising. While raising her son and holding down a full time job, she put herself through University, obtaining a honours degree in Mathematics. She then proceeded to make her mark as a sales person in the pharmaceutical industry, where she quickly excelled, making her way up the ladder to senior management level.

Then, the idea of entering “The Apprentice”, the show that pits 16 of Britain's hungriest business brains against each other to see which one is worthy of a six figure salary and the chance to become Sir Alan Sugar's apprentice, took hold.

In the show, Kristina proved week after week that she was the top performer and excelled at all tasks. Not only did she stand out as a brilliant sales person and team leader, her people skills, her determination to succeed and her innate business ability shone through.

As one of the two "The Apprentice" finalists, Kristina spent 6 months working for Sir Alan Sugar, in his IT company, Viglen.

Despite finishing as runner-up on “The Apprentice”, her success with Viglen led Sir Alan to offer her a senior position within his company.

Kristina was then approached by the leading property developer, Dandara Limited, where she is now Investment Sales Director. Her success with Dandara is proof that Kristina has exceptional ability and can succeed in any industry.

Since "The Apprentice", Kristina has also appeared on a number of TV shows, including RTE's "Saturday Night with Miriam" and Channel 4's "Richard & Judy", and has spoken at a number of business conferences, including the 2007 Women Mean Business Conference.

Her story is inspiring and proves that through hard work, determination and enthusiasm you can succeed in business, even when the odds appear to be against you.

Kristina Grimes is an inspirational speaker on the motivation, leadership and business skills required to succeed in today's business world.

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