Jim Lawless

(11 Jun 2008)

Jim is one of the most inspirational and popular speakers in Europe and the only authority on change and personal development in a corporate environment to have put his life on the line to prove his theories.

He began his professional career as a City lawyer then moved in-house to become International Legal Counsel at ICL (now Fujitsu) before founding cultural change gurus Optimise in the late 90's with a client list including BT, Apple, Legal and General, AstraZeneca, Barclaycard and RBS.

Jim had developed a unique model for sales and business success - the Ten Rules for Taming Tigers - he was impressing audiences when on 24 November 2003, an audience member bet Jim £1 that he could not prove the power of his Ten Rules for Taming Tigers - 10 practical Rules for facing fears and creating personal change - by becoming a jockey and riding in his first televised race within 12 months. He was 3 stone too heavy to be a jockey and could not ride a horse.

After a year of applying his own theories, he won his pound on 22 November 2004. On being a jockey Jim says, 'it took many years of searching, but at last I have found a place where shorter men are considered cool!'

Jim speaks with the authority of someone who has been there and done that. He speaks with the subtlety of a good coach. His manner is welcoming, inviting the audience in with laughter before challenging and daring them to change their own behaviours, attitudes and fears. He has a meticulous presentation style and always works to re-enforce the messages of the conference day, to match the culture of the organisation and the level of the audience. In addition, sales audiences are always delighted to see him because he brings great inside tips to most events from the yards of Lambourn where he lives, writes and rides!

Jim has run change and leadership programs as CEO of Change and Communication Gurus Optimise, and been a coach to various senior leaders. His own first steps to achieving peak performance came with the decision to quit the law - and his salary and nice car - and go to school again to learn the craft of acting, which he practised on stage and screen whilst establishing Optimise. He does not deny that it gives him a very unfair advantage as a speaker. It is just one of the reasons why audiences consistently rate his presentations as engaging, inspiring and very funny.

Jim speaks frequently on the following areas: Inspirational/Motivational Keynote and call to action - Taming Tigers, Gaining The Mental Edge in Sales, Building Winning Teams, Taking the leap into leadership - Taming the Leadership Tiger, Leading Change, Engaging the Organisation, Leadership and Communication.

He is the author of The Ten Rules for Taming Tigers and The Year of the Racehorse.

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