Ian Taylor

(22 Sep 2010)

Ian Speaking to Students Thumbnail0In May 2008 Ian Taylor became the youngest Irishman to stand on the top of the world. In June 2007 Ian set out to climb four mountains on four continents in one year with Mount Everest being the final climb. Before June 2007 he had only climbed one mountain over 5,000m. Ian also took on a charity element, raising €70,000 to build the Mt. Everest primary school in Uganda with Irish charity Fields of Life.

From + 40c to - 50c Ian braved his own demons and the mountains. He saved a fellow climbers life and four months after being told he wasn't the right material for Everest by two professionals, he successfully made it to the summit of Mount Everest.This was a true story of teamwork, drive and ultimately success.

Ian has years of experience of managing teams in a business environment. He also leads and trains teams for mountain expeditions around the world and has done so with great success. 

In June 2009 Ian lead 14 novices to the summit of Mont Blanc "Astonishing, this is virtually unheard of " - Simon Lowe Managing Director. Jagged Globe


Ian's Everest DVD Documentary ' A Summit Calling ' is one to watch out for and he also has a book coming out in Late 2010 on his amazing journey.


Ian is setting up his own Trekking company and has linked into companies around the world offering unique experiences and training for teams around the world. Ian is a team leader, motivational and Leisure consultant.



"In this excellent presentation, Ian Taylor somehow manages to convey how physical effort and indomitable willpower can overcome even the most mammoth of challenges.Taloired to suit all levels of mountaineering (including novices), his account of the 2008 Everest Expedition is both bracing and inspiring. His story provides a fascinating insight into a mental and physical journey which results in a very personal conquest."
Ian McGlade

"In January 2010 Ian Taylor held 3 presentations in the Faroe Islands. As the organizer I attended all 3 of them. The third time was as breathtaking as the first. I and all the guests were totally mesmerized for the whole length of every presentation. With fantastic pictures and filmclips, this charismatic Irishman takes the listeners all the way from Kathmandu to the top and back again. It feels like you are there with him and when he reaches the top, you are as exhausted as he is by holding your breath so many times. Very few people get the chance to climb Everest to the top, this might be the closest you will ever get to being there."
Lis I Nidristovu, Company Director, Faroe Islands

"I can honestly say, that in all of the years that I have been involved in lecturing to various societies, Ian is one of the finest public speakers that I have ever encountered.

With regard to his mountaineering activities and with particular reference to his ascent of Mount Everest, his illustrated presentations have been an absolute joy to attend and I have seen him hold audiences spellbound with his graphic accounts and wonderful illustrations of his adventures on the roof of the World.

It is with the greatest pleasure and the fullest assurance that I can recommend Mr. Taylor to anyone wishing to have lecture presentations of the finest calibre."
Cormac F. Lowth, Maritime Institute of Ireland

"Mr. Ian Taylor visited our school on Tuesday 10th November 2009 and gave two presentations to the children on his ‘Everest to the top’ Talk. Both the younger children and the older children thoroughly enjoyed his informative, hands on talk, which was pitched appropriately at their class ages.  Ian brought along various pieces of equipment and clothing which the children all found fascinating to look at and try on, and he was well able to answer any level of question fired to him. We would thoroughly recommend Ian’s talk to any group of children, but also any group of adults as all the teachers found the presentation and all his stories extremely interesting."
The Staff and pupils of Booterstown National School


"Thank you so much for sharing your experience of climbing Everest with the children, Ian. The children from First right through to Sixth Class were enthralled with your presentation. Viewing the wonderful photos, being able to see and handle your actual equipment and listening to your personal account of your experience has been both educational and inspirational. Your visit has inspired some great follow-up work in Science, Maths, Geography and creative writing."
Scoil Mhuire, Leixlip

"Ian is an impassioned presenter who relates very well with his audience. He has a breathe of knowledge of his subject which he can put across to his audience in an easy interesting manner which can hold everyone’s attention. He is very approachable, engaging easily with his audience and is excellent at Q & A."
Tony Hall BA, MBA


"Ian captured an audience of all ages, mountaineers and non-mountaineers alike, with his amazing story of climbing Everest. He blended an incredible adventure with empowering messages which have a place in the climbing world, and beyond. Ian shared his quest with the audience, the importance of teamwork, to keep trying as well as believing and that the journey is just as important as the goal. Whatever one's own “Everest” may be, challenges can be overcome and dreams do come true."
B. Reisener, Mental Health Professional


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