Harvey Pitt

(19 Jan 2009)

1 Harvey PittAbout Harvey Pitt

Regulator, attorney, crisis manager, risk assessor and valued corporate adviser, Former SEC Chairman Harvey Pitt offers pragmatic insights on the issues confronting global businesses.
Corporate Governance and Transparency: A foremost expert on corporate regulation and securities transactions, former Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission Harvey Pitt advises companies on their governance, transparency and the implications of corporate regulation. Pitt helps audiences navigate the rocky shoals of corporate compliance, crisis management, enforcement and litigation landmines, so companies can establish and maintain investor confidence.

Anticipating Trends Affecting Your Business: What are the policymakers thinking? What are they likely to do? What steps should you be taking in advance of government action? Pitt works with government and business leaders every day, and he shares his insights into what they are likely to do. Learn from the mistakes of others without the pain associated with becoming another newspaper cautionary tale.

Finding the Right Path toward Compliance and Integrity: Founder and CEO of Kalorama Partners, the leading global business consulting firm specializing in corporate governance, risk assessment, regulatory compliance, crisis management and Sarbanes-Oxley, Pitt provides companies with strategies to keep corporate boards and shareholders happy and worry-free. He constantly assesses corporate risk exposures, and reports cost-effective ways to deal with them.

More Than A Speech—A Briefing: Tailoring a presentation to fit your organization’s particular goals, requirements and needs, Pitt delivers his keen insights and then moderates an open-ended forum guaranteed to help you understand and meet the economic challenges of today—and tomorrow.

Speech Topics

Surviving and Prospering in Downward Spiraling Markets

Sub-Prime, Credit Crunch and Bear Stearns: How to cope with today's roiling financial and capital markets

How to Prevent and Cope with Bad Things Happening to Your Company

Improving Governance, Creating Transparency, Instilling a Culture of Business Ethics, and Enhancing Profitably 

Understanding and Preparing for Changes in the Regulatory Landscape

Hedge Fund and Private Equity Regulation in the New Millennium

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