George Mordaunt

(28 Nov 2011)

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George has just launched his second book, 'Back in the Driving Seat', a sequel to the much acclaimed Shepherd’s Pie, which received international media attention for its excruciating honesty on how recession devastated his business and personal life and his first steps to recovery. 'Back in the Driving Seat' is a natural follow on, written in response to the phenomenal reaction that George received from other business people who were privately suffering, people who were inspired by his story and were seeking help and advice on how they too could be an active participant in their own recovery, a mantra that George lives by.




Launching at a time when bank debt is a hot topic, 'Back in the Driving Seat' is the first to give a step-by-step guide to recovery, the first to chart the process of a debt resolution programme with confidential details of the steps George took himself and the unpopular decisions he had to make to ensure the survival of his own business, and it is the first to confirm that debt write off exists and there is actually a policy document on debt write-off in Irish banks.




George is passionate about effecting change in our communities all over the country. He believes in the future economy of Ireland and has very strong views on debt forgiveness, banking resolutions and employment creation. Some issues George can speak authoritatively on…




• The Motor Industry changes in the budget – restructuring of motor tax, bi-annual registration, increases in petrol

• National Debt and the budget

• Bank forgiveness Vs Resolution (personal and business)

• Negative equity issues

• Banking solutions for property loans

• SMEs in Ireland Vs Multinationals

• Government initiatives for start ups

• Revenue or rent arrears

• News property charges

• First time buyers relief

• Increase in income tax

• Employer/ employee issues

• Asset reductions




George is extremely articulate and has done numerous interviews with the national and international media (from The Late Late Show to the New York Times). As a keynote speaker George delivers a passionate account of his experiences and drives home the message that business owners can get back in the driving seat and take an active role in their business’ recovery. George is available for motivational talks, after-dinner speeches and Q&A sessions.



For more information or to book George for your next event please contact Susan on 01 6190243 or email


What others have to say about George….

“I attended this event on Wednesday 2nd November. Your talk was very inspirational and I picked up a lot of useful tips on how to survive the recession. I bought your book, it is very inspirational and uplifting. I wish you and your family continued success and I hope you will continue to give talks throughout the country to help people know that there is a way forward.”

“I am just writing to say a big “Well Done”. I’ve been in the motor trade most of my life and have seen the struggles and the effects downturns. I know the pain which is there, only too well. I am in the throws of making changes and still am determined to advance in the trade. Your attitude is an inspiration. We have never met but I hope to someday, meanwhile keep up the good work and best of luck to you and your family.”


“Just wanted to drop you a line to congratulate you on the book, I started and finished in one day (if that’s a record chalk it down !!) ...It was really inspiring to read such a searingly true account of trading as a self-employed person in these times but it was also a story of great hope for the future.”


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