Geoff Burch

(11 Jun 2008)

3 2 1 geoff burch.jpg Thumbnail1.jpgGeoff Burch is one of Europe’s leading business speakers and writers. Geoff is a remarkable speaker whose unique and refreshing outlook on all manner of business topics has made his name into a global brand and himself into someone who is constantly in demand for his memorable and uplifting presentations. His credentials are impressive, working extensively with the world’s major blue chip companies to motivate and inspire their people.

He is the author of many hugely popular business books, published worldwide, which include: Resistance is Useless - the Art of Business Persuasion: Go It Alone: Writing on the Wall: and The Way of the Dog.

His extensive use of humour should not hide the fact that he has some powerful business messages which can benefit any organisation. Indeed, recent research suggests that audiences cannot listen to a boring speaker – however important the message or the topic. Up to 86% of an audience will have switched off within three minutes of the start of a presentation by a non-stimulating speaker. The same research shows that over 90% of an audience retains more than 83% of the messages that Geoff puts forward on your behalf. Geoff absorbs your key messages and turns them into hilarious but very memorable stories.

The son of a Viennese psychiatrist, Geoff has a wealth of experience in illustrating the thinking required to find business success. Every organization will benefit from his compelling messages and entertaining style, finding them relaxed and fun. His observations are unique and the impact he has on an audience is amazing. Geoff looks at every conceivable area of business and is renowned for taking a sideways look at the latest business fads and fashions, and then translating them into a memorable message that everyone can understand.

Geoff is meticulous in preparing his presentations, studying the profile of the audience, the market in which they work, the competition they face, and how to exploit the advantages they have. He then uses this specific information to custom-build an inspirational and unforgettable presentation. He has the power to make any organization believe in itself and to establish and maintain the motivation to succeed.

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