Economic and Political Speakers

Al Gore

(18 Jun 2008)
Al Gore offers a unique perspective on national and international affairs. He is also one of the most powerful champions of environmental awareness in America today.

Alastair Campbell

(18 Jun 2008)
Former Director of Communications and Strategy for Tony Blair

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

(16 Apr 2009)
Human Rights Activist/Nobel Laureate

Bob Geldof

(18 Jun 2008)
One of Ireland’s most famous musicians and political activists

Brian Lucey

(07 Nov 2011)

Constantin Gurdgiev

(18 Jun 2008)
One of Ireland's leading economists

George Mitchell

(18 Jun 2008)
Appointed to the United States Senate in 1980 , Chairman of the Peace Negotiations for Northern Ireland

Harvey Pitt

(19 Jan 2009)
Chairman SEC (2001-2003), Corporate Counsellor and Entrepreneur

Marc Coleman

(18 Jun 2008)
One of Ireland's Foremost Economists and author of "Back from the Brink"

Mary Robinson

(18 Jun 2008)
Former President of Ireland

Michael O'Sullivan

(13 Oct 2009)
Author of 'Ireland and the Global Question'. Head of UK Research and Global Asset Allocation at Credit Suisse Private Bank.

Roger Bootle

(18 Jun 2008)
One of the UK's leading monetary economists

Susan Hayes

(23 Sep 2010)
The Positive Economist


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