Cilian Fennell

(25 Jan 2012)

Cilian Fennell is well known in media circles for consistently breaking audience records. In the public domain Cilian is probably best known for his recent production of the controversial Rip off Republic programme aired on RTE, presented by Cork man Eddie Hobbs and breaking all audience records for RTE. Cilian also is acclaimed for his production of the Late Late Show, the world’s longest running talk show, with Gay Byrne for the final 3 years of its run. During this time the show achieved record audiences peaking at 84% for the last show.

He was recruited by TG4 and appointed Head of Programmes, a position he held for 3 years. During his tenure, TG4 successfully rebranded, won a host of awards and doubled its audience share. Cilian was also producer of The Dunphy Show for TV3 and Should I fall from Grace the award winning biography of Shane McGowan.

While working in the media he noticed that strong stories provoked deep reactions in people and he set out to find out why. Cilian became an avid student of narrative, story, religions and mythology. This study has taken him to the mythological sites of Ireland, Egypt and Greece. He has also travelled in the Far East and India.

Why do people watch films, why do people follow religions, why do we read fairytales? All is story; all is following dreams, reaching goals and overcoming obstacles. This model of storytelling is the most powerful because it reflects the journeys we take in our own lives as we strive for goals. Cilian has successfully adapted the story model to a business model and now helps Companies, Teams and Individuals, in a highly practical approach, on their own Hero’s Journey. He also helps leaders and companies find their own story and use it to motivate, drive and direct their teams.

In 2004 Cilian set up a communications company specialising in media and presentation coaching, message development and delivery and TV training. He uses storytelling, narrative, imagery and illustration in his training. He believes that the meaning is more important than the information; to be understood is the goal, not just to be heard.

He graduated as a Marine Zoologist in 1988 and was a professional fisherman and sailor for many years in Ireland, US, Newfoundland and the Mediterranean. He also managed Comedy Clubs in Galway and Dublin.

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