Christy Kenneally

(26 May 2010)


Christy Kenneally is a well-known Irish TV presenter, scriptwriter and author. Christy presented RTE's 'No Frontiers' series and has been published on numerous occasions.
"Maura's Boy", "The New Curate" "Life After Loss" and "Small Wonders" have all featured on Ireland's Bestseller list. In April 2006 Christy’s third novel ‘The Remnant’ was published.
He scripted and presented a series for television on the great religions of the world, as experienced through their art and architecture, entitled Heaven on Earth.


Recently televised on TG4 and Channel 4 his documentary Na Déithe Caillte, (The Lost Gods), was a compelling landmark series that explored the religions that once lorded over vast and powerful empires, wonders at their distinctive cultures, art and architecture and details their destruction. In our time when tyrants and theocracies still exist, when religions veer towards fundamentalism and live under threat of extinction from scientific discovery and the rise of materialism, Na Déithe Caillte was a timely series.


Christy was recently honoured to receive The Order of the Amazon, from the Polish Cancer Society, in recognition of his twenty years of involvement with Cancer Groups throughout the world. Henry Kissinger and Hilary Clinton are fellow recipients of the award.


Christy is regularly asked to and deliver courses and workshops. Among the courses/seminars he has devised and implemented are;

  • Leadership in a time of change.
  • Supervisory skills.
  • Effective listening skills.
  • Assertiveness training and conflict resolution.
  • Teamwork skills.
  • Presentation skills for individual executives representing their companies internationally and groups representing their companies at International Conferences.


He has also worked with a large list of medical clients, running courses for medical staff in;

  • Communicating with the sick.
  • Communicating with the terminally ill
  • Communicating with the bereaved.
  • Teamwork for health teams.
  • Leadership skills for health care managers and professionals.
  • Helping the Bereaved employee courses for Meath County Council and Mayo County Council. 


Christy is a graduate from the National University of Ireland with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Bachelor of Divinity. He has his own management training company with an extensive list of corporate clients including IBM, Lotus, Motorola, Analog Devices, O2, the Mars Corporation etc.


Christy is a very perceptive and humorous speaker. He engages easily with his audience and is highly entertaining while at the same time delivering the keynote messages eloquently and with impact. He is a much in demand keynote and motivational speaker at conferences worldwide.


Christy is married and lives in Wicklow.

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